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Our Pupil Council

The Pupil Council is made up of pupils from P3-P7. Representatives from Pupil Council will feedback to primary 1 and 2 pupils
representatives are elected by their peers from primary 3-6; primary 6 pupils remain the representatives for primary 7
will meet In Primary 1 every month


  • The Pupil Council try and make improvements to the school and to the playground
  • aim to take forward the Respecting Rights of the Child within the school (UNICEF)
  • are responsible for nominating pupils on a monthly basis, who show good behaviour, to attend the lunch time special table


The pupils choose an agenda for the meeting, although parents and teachers can make suggestions too. The Pupil Representatives are expected to gather the ideas, views and suggestions of their classmates and the younger pupils to help set the agenda. We use a class suggestion boxes to gather ideas.


The minutes are written up and sent out to each class. A copy is posted on the Pupil Council Notice Board.

The benefits of the Pupil Council

  • We become more confident.
  • We learn to take part in discussions.
  • We learn to solve problems fairly.
  • We become better listeners.
  • We learn to talk about things that affect us.
  • We improve the school environment.
  • The school listens to our views.