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Promoting Positive Behaviour

Within Dunipace Primary we employ several complementary strands, which include: Circle Time, House System, Positive Playtime, Golden Time, Golden Tickets and Good Work Boards.

Key Aspects of the House System

  • Each child in the school belongs to one of our 3 Houses.
  • Pupils wear a coloured badge to show the House to which they belong:

  • Pupils try, through their achievements in and out of school and by following the ‘Golden Rules’, to gain points for their House.
  • Points are collated by the House Captains (senior pupils elected by the children in their House at the start of the session). Success is celebrated at a weekly House Meeting, or at our monthly House Assembly.
  • House Captains are responsible for organising and running their own House meeting. They also assist at House Assemblies.

    House Points

    Individual House points are recorded on a class chart and are transferred to a spreadsheet for Captains to collate.

House Meetings

House Meetings are held each week where Top Scorers in each class are rewarded with a gold badge star, a certificate and a pencil. The House Captain, Vice-Captain and Ambassador, with House Teachers present, run the meetings and also give out Captains’ Awards to pupils who have shown exemplary behaviour.

The overall winning House for the week is also announced and points are displayed on the House Board in the school hall.

House Assembly

House Assembly is held once every 4 weeks and provides an opportunity for all houses to meet together. The Assembly follows a similar order as a House Meeting: Top Scorers (of week and month), Top Scoring House (of week and month), Captains’ Awards and Playground Awards.