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School Dress Code

In the twenty first century it is important that we adopt modern and practical dress for school wear, which children enjoy and which promotes a positive school ethos for effective learning and teaching to take place. In recent years there has been a move away from wearing the traditional blazer which is not always ideal for our Scottish climate. Wearing of the blazer has become an optional item for those who still wish to wear it.

Wearing school uniform is voluntary of course, but through consultation with Parent Council, Parents’ Association and the school community there is an overwhelming support for uniform and it is therefore heartening to see this endorsed in the dress of pupils attending Dunipace Primary School.

Falkirk Council’s Community and Citizen Development Committee support the wearing of school uniform in Falkirk Council schools.

This school therefore actively promotes the wearing of school uniform.


This has been an interesting discussion topic in class ‘Circle Times’ and ‘Pupil Council’ meetings.
Noted are the main reasons considered by all in our community.

  • uniform promotes a sense of school identity and pride
  • our uniform is comfortable, practical and affordable
  • wearing uniform encourages equal opportunities
  • promotes the school anti-bullying and positive behaviour initiatives
  • promotes safety and security of pupils
  • enhances the school reputation within the community
  • the school badge represents the local area, our history and the foundation from which our school has evolved.
  • Pupils say they don’t have to think about what to wear in the morning.


A suitable uniform can be selected from the following:

  • charcoal/black trousers
  • charcoal/black skirt/pinafore
  • white shirt/blouse
  • charcoal/ black pullover/cardigan
  • black, silver, gold tie (purchased from McAree Bros.)
  • black blazer with school badge (optional)
  • black sweatshirts with embroidered school badge
  • plain black jogging bottoms
  • white polo shirt with embroidered school badge

school badges can be purchased from the school office
(all items can be purchased via ‘McAree Bros’ Falkirk or Stirling branches)

Under no circumstances should pupils wear football strips or associated garments as experience proves they invariably promote tension and conflict which can lead to bullying. This policy has the support of our Parent Organisations and Pupil Council and we would appreciate the co-operation of the whole school community to ensure consistency of practice.


Whilst wearing of school uniform is voluntary there are some school activities which require mandatory rules to ensure the health and safety of pupils. Pupils will be expected to come to school prepared to participate in Physical Education lessons on the days notified and ask for your support in ensuring that this happens. Taking guidance from The Association for Physical Education’s guidance in “A Safe Practice in Physical Education and School Sport” – 7th Edition 2008 the following recommendations are made.

Physical Education/Drama
Health and Safety in Physical Education and Drama

Jewellery (including religious artefacts, watches, hair slides, sensory aids)

  • Pupils must remove all jewellery before participating in any Physical Education or Drama lessons.
  • Taping of earrings still holds risk for the pupils, and as the staff are responsible for your child’s duty of care, children will no longer be permitted to participate whilst wearing tape over earrings which cannot be removed.
  • Where you wish to have your child’s ears pierced, we would advise that this is best done at the start of the summer holiday period, allowing ample time to heal. As an integral and important part of the whole school curriculum, it is expected that you will support us in this matter, thus helping your child to fully participate in their P.E. curriculum.
  • Where children find it difficult to remove their earrings or other jewellery, we would ask that parents/carers remove their child’s earring and jewellery before coming to school on P.E./Drama days as notified.
  • Staff will not be expected to remove, or have any responsibility for, your child’s jewellery. We would advise that jewellery is left at home on P.E./Drama days as notified.
  • Disclaimer letters from parents/carers about wearing jewellery will be declined. Such indemnities have no legal status. The duty of care remains firmly with the school on such matters.
  • The wearing of sensor aids such as spectacles or hearing aids will usually be determined by the nature of the activity and the balanced judgement by the supervising adult, as to whether the item constitutes a risk to the wearer and the group.

A suitable P.E. kit should be as follows:


  • T-shirt. These should be well fitting and allow freedom of movement.
  • Shorts. These should be well fitting and allow freedom of movement.
  • Gym shoes/ trainers, for indoor use. These should be clean, well fitting, in a state of good repair and provide good traction.


  • Depending on the weather conditions and the activity, children may be required to bring track suit bottoms, sweat shirt and waterproof clothing for outdoor activities.
  • There should be a distinction made between indoor and outdoor footwear. Children should be given clear guidance in the correct footwear to bring depending on the activity being done. i.e. indoor footwear for indoor activities and outdoor footwear for outdoor activities. Footwear worn outdoors, should not be worn in the gym as dirt, small stones and glass can be transferred to the floor surface, which would then pose a risk to others.
  • A drawstring gym bag would be useful for bringing kit on a Monday and taking it home to be laundered on a Friday.*


  • Long hair worn by both staff and pupils should always be tied back with a suitably soft item to prevent entanglement in apparatus and to prevent it obscuring vision.
  • * Please note that arrangements are made to ensure that senior pupils have privacy for changing. Teachers will always respect this right and will only ever intervene where there is a Health and Safety risk to a child/children, in which case ‘duty of care’ takes priority.

Some families may be eligible for free school meals or assistance towards the purchase of clothing. Application forms may be obtained from the school. These forms should be completed by the parent or guardian and returned to the District Registrar, Carronbank House, Carronbank Crescent, Denny, FK6 6GA, telephone number 01324 504280.


Pupils may select from the following list:

  • Apron
  • Cut down adults shirt
  • Larger T Shirt
  • Plastic overall


This can be undertaken with support from the whole community. Here are some approaches we use at present:

  • consultation with Parent Council; Parents’ Association; Pupil Council and wider school community via
  • newsletters; displays; induction meetings for new pupils; circle times; surveys.
  • Teachers encourage pupils to wear school uniform and appropriate kits
  • Regularly remind pupils of Dress Code at school assemblies
  • Dress Code published in School Handbook
  • Samples of school wear are displayed at reception area
  • Provide parents with information regarding P.E. days at the beginning of session. (Class teachers will inform parents of any alterations thereafter).


  • praise pupils who comply with school dress code – school and home
  • incorporate wearing of school uniform into positive behaviour initiatives
  • inform parents when their child reports to school unacceptably dressed
  • speak to particular classes, groups or individuals about the dress code
  • House Captains and Vice Captains, Pupil Councillors and primaries 6 and 7 monitors to set positive examples to their fellow pupils
  • ‘Take Pride In Your School Day’ to be set in calendar of events


  • undertaken informally by teacher and other school staff
  • Pupil Council Survey
  • reward and positive feedback


In the summer term we issue order forms to all parents who may wish to purchase school wear items for the new session. Items are ordered and distributed before the summer holiday.

We can now accept Falkirk Council clothing vouchers as payment for such items. School office staff can advise on this matter.

Any parents who are interested in setting up a system for receiving outgrown school uniform items which are in good condition and either selling them or passing on to children who would benefit from receiving the items should contact the Headteacher to discuss the idea in the first instance. If enough interest and support is shown we will try this before order forms are issued in the summer term.

From time to time we will endeavour to keep parents informed on the progress of our school Dress code. If you have any interesting ideas or constructive comments you wish to suggest these can be given at meetings of Parent organisations where the Headteacher is usually present to hear feedback or in writing to the Headteacher.

We are proud of our school, and uniform and the aims we develop for the benefit of our young people, and what we can achieve together. We will continue to consult with the whole school community to encourage our corporate identity in wearing our school uniform.

Thank you for supporting this important school initiative.