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Education is our Future

We believe that education empowers the individual and benefits our entire community and seek to:
  • develop in our pupils respect for self and for others, positive self-awareness and self-esteem, the ability to cooperate and the motivation to succeed
  • ensure our pupils are equipped with the skills and attitudes to develop healthy lifestyles and work as responsible citizens
We have a vision of high quality, lifelong learning which is accessible to all and seek to:
  • ensure our pupils have the skills, knowledge and attitudes which allow them to be healthy, creative and ambitious in life and contribute positively to society.
  • promote a holistic approach for each of our learners which take account of their individual needs and prior learning experiences and allows them to realise their full potential
  • support and develop the skills of all staff by offering opportunities for continuous professional development
We will put the learner at the heart of everything we do, raise expectations and work together with mutual trust and respect and seek to:
  • ensure that learning and teaching reflect the Falkirk Council framework for Better Behaviour, Better Learning
  • ensure that school policies and practice are regularly reviewed and development areas are included in the school's Improvement Plan
  • ensure that procedures are in place to track the achievement of pupils and identify their next steps and future potential
  • allow staff to share good practice and further develop a cooperative approach to learning and teaching
  • work in partnership with families, other professionals and specialists to enhance provision and meet the needs of all pupils
In Dunipace Primary School and Nursery Class we aim to:
1. Create a positive ethos by: 
  • providing a secure, stimulating and purposeful environment within which effective teaching can take place
  • valuing the contributions of staff, pupils and parents
  • creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors
  • providing opportunities for everyone in the school to achieve their full potential
  • promoting a sense of care and respect for oneself, for others and for the school
2. Provide an appropriate curriculum for all pupils by:
  • ensuring challenge and enjoyment, breadth, depth, personalisation and choice, progression, coherence and relevance across the curriculum
  • effective forward planning and evaluation
  • using appropriate teaching methodologies
  • ensuring differentiation of tasks which match the needs, aptitudes and prior knowledge of the pupils
  • providing effective resources
  • planning for and undertaking assessment
    • FOR learning (informing next steps in learning)
    • AS learning      (self/ peer assessment, PLPs)
    • OF learning      (pupil reports)
3. Maintain and extend positive partnerships with parents, the local community and other agencies by:
  • informing parents about their children’s progress through PLPs and Pupil Reports
  • being actively involved in local events and activities
  • establishing effective communication amongst all groups within the school community
  • listening to and valuing the views of parents
  • promoting co- operative working with other agencies which benefit the whole school community
  • being an integral participant in the Denny Locality to ensure suitable support is available to young people and families
4. Promote personal and social development of our pupils by:
  • providing opportunities which enhance children’s self-esteem and self-awareness
  • developing tolerance and respect for others
  • equipping pupils with the basic skills, attitudes and expectations required in an ever changing society
  • promoting equality and inclusion through which all pupils can achieve their full potential
  • teaching them the duties and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society
  • providing effective learning opportunities for children to gain understanding of ‘good health’ and to make healthy options in their lives
5. Respond to the challenges of educational change by:
  • develop enterprising initiatives which provide opportunities for all pupils to achieve
  • raising attainment and improving levels in national measures of achievement
  • participating in the Staff Review and Development process which ensures staff are given opportunities and support to develop personally and professionally
  • using improvement planning effectively to carry forward school, local authority and national priorities
  • harnessing the potential of ICT
  • managing the transition of Curriculum for Excellence through discussion and consultation with staff 
The values underpinning our work in Dunipace Primary School and Nursery Class are: 
  • the right to be part of a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which each individual feels welcome, valued and included
  • the importance of the self-esteem, self- reliance and self-motivation of the individuals involved in the school community
  • a sense of individual responsibility to contribute positively, develop a strong work ethic and live healthily
  • the need to have respect for self and others as we work together as a learning community
  • the pursuit of excellence, through the promotion of creativity, enterprising thinking and perseverance
  • the need for positive and cooperative partnerships amongst pupils, staff, parents and the wider community
  • the importance of equal opportunities and an inclusive approach to allow each individual to achieve their full potential
  • the need to provide a wide range of experiences and training opportunities for all to develop essential skills, knowledge and attitudes required in our ever changing world
  • a recognition and appreciation of the different ways in which people live and learn