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Nut Free - Why?

In Britain, thousands of people suffer from allergies to nuts and nut related products – and the numbers are growing. A tiny trace of a nut can trigger a reaction known as anaphylactic shock – a potentially fatal allergic reaction with symptoms including swelling of the throat and mouth, difficulty breathing and unconsciousness.

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By Sean Coughlan
BBC News Online education staff
Schools are increasingly becoming "nut-free zones" as fears over allergies prompt bans on peanuts in packed lunches.
An allergy expert says almost every school in the country now has at least one pupil with a nut allergy - compared with a generation ago when this would have been a rarity.
As a result, many schools are taking the decision to ban or discourage parents from allowing their children to bring food containing nuts into school.
The number of children developing nut allergies has risen sharply - leaving schools with tough decisions about protecting pupils from potentially fatal exposure to food such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts.