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Asthma Management and Medication

If your child has asthma and requires medication please download the Asthma medication form and return it to the school completed. See below for the content of the document.

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Asthma letter and form

November 2008
Dear Parent,
Asthma Management and Medication
Following recent staff training relating to the above medical condition we have been reviewing procedures in school. I notice from the information that you have provided that your child suffers from Asthma.
As you are no doubt aware there are two types of treatment both of which come in an inhaler:-
Relievers: these medicines quickly open up the narrow airways and help the child’s breathing difficulties.
Preventers: these medicines are taken daily to make the airways less sensitive to the triggers.
Reliever inhalers are crucial for the successful management of asthma. Delay in taking reliever treatment, even for a few minutes can lead to a severe attack.
Pupils with asthma who have been prescribed preventer medication which must be taken twice a day should not normally need to take their medication at school as it can be given by a parent before and after school. However there can be exceptions where preventer medication is taken as required. If your child falls into this category please contact me and I can arrange an opportunity to discuss treatment and any necessary administration arrangements with both myself and the school nurse.
In the majority of cases children should self administer their asthma medication. There will be however, particularly with young children, those who will require assistance and it is requested that school staff assist those pupils. In such cases parents must contact the school to complete an authorisation form (MED 1)
Pupils should keep their reliever with them at all times, in their pocket or in an inhaler pouch.
Parents should provide a ­spare inhaler­  to be kept in school and both school and parent retaining a record of the expiry date to ensure a replacement is sought in good time. If you have not already provided us with a spare inhaler to be kept in school I would appreciate if you could arrange to do this without delay to ensure that where a child loses or forgets their inhaler a spare is available in the event of an emergency.
Any parent wishing to discuss their child’s asthma management with Jan Wighton the school nurse should contact the school to arrange an appointment.
Please complete both sections of the proforma below and retain your copy to remind you of the date your child’s inhaler is due to expire. We will keep a copy in school to support this important process.
Please also complete the ‘Information on Pupils Asthma’ form which will allow school staff to support your child more effectively. Any parent requiring to complete a MED1 form where school assistance is required to administer medication can obtain one by contacting the school office.
Many thanks for your support in this important matter.
Yours sincerely
Robina McAnish
CHILD’S NAME _______________             CHILD’S NAME _______________
D.O.B. _______ CLASS _________              D.O.B. _______ CLASS _________
NAME OF MEDICATION                             NAME OF MEDICATION
________________________                        __________________________
EXPIRY DATE                                               EXPIRY DATE
_________________________                      _________________________