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P7 - School Closure Tasks

  1. Be a photographer - take some artistic photographs of beautiful, interesting or funny snow scenes and email them to and they will be uploaded onto the class blog.
  2. Snow Competition: Build a snowman or snow sculpture, take a photograph and email them to and they will be uploaded onto the class blog. A winner will be chosen when you get back to school.
  3. Write an imaginative Snow Story – set in a snowy land or about a snowy day adventure.  Post it as a comment on the blog or email it to and it will be uploaded onto the class blog. Don’t forget your Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation!
  4. Read a book (or finish your text detectives book) and write a book review. Include:
    • The title and author of the book
    • What type of book it was – science fictions, adventure, humour etc...
    • Why you liked/disliked the book
    • Your favourite parts and why you liked them
    •  Your favourite characters and why you liked/disliked them
    • Would you recommend this to others – who?
  5. Log on to  and complete the tasks I’ve assigned to you to practise your maths skills.
  6. Create an A4 poster warning people of the dangers of ice and snow – it can be for pedestrians, motorists or homeowners. Remember to think about:
    • Is it eye catching and colourful?
    • Does it give a clear message?
    • Is the information easy to read and understand?
    • Are there diagrams or illustrations?
  7. Write a letter to your epal telling them about the snowfall and everything you’ve been doing whilst you’ve been off school. Remember to write the school address and date at the top left hand side of your paper before you begin your letter.
  8. Draw/paint a picture of the scene from your bedroom or living room window.