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P2/3 - School Closure Tasks

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Write an imaginative story about the weather. Think carefully about the targets that we have been using within the classroom. Have you used full stops, capital letters, connectives and WOW words? Once you have finished, you could type your story onto a computer and email it to or bring it into school to share with the class.

Draw/paint a picture of the scene you can see from a room within your house. Take a picture of your drawing/painting and you can send it to or bring it into school to share with the class.

Practise your sounds by: drawing pictures of things beginning with that sound, playing “I spy”. Scan the QR codes on your homework sheets to watch a video to revise you sounds.

Practise your common spelling words - try rainbow spelling, pyramid spelling, magazine spelling.

If you can, ask an adult to take pictures of you building a snowman or having fun in the snow. Send the pictures to and I will upload them onto the class blog or twitter @MrsCrerar

Log on to and complete the tasks I’ve assigned to you to practise your maths skills.