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P1 - School Closure Tasks

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Using your child’s homework as a guide please select from the list below appropriate activities. We would suggest that the children spend approximately two hours a day on such activities.

Please tick any activities undertaken and return to school.


  • Practise writing numbers 0 - 20
  • Practise addition up to 10
  • 2D/3D shapes -make a winter picture using 2D/3D shapes e.g. circles for snowman, triangles for trees.
  • Play board games e.g. snakes and ladders


  • Read a little every day and discuss with an adult
  • Design a keep safe in the snow poster
  • Play word games e.g. how many words can you make from e.g. Christmas, winter wonderland, I Spy, memory games, Kim’s game, I went to the supermarket, alphabet game – can you find girl’s name/boy’s name for each letter of the alphabet.
  • For every snowy day write about something you did and illustrate.
  • If you have your word/sound book practise all your spelling words or sounds.

Other Ideas

There are many good educational programmes on T.V.

ICT – Useful websites

Remember to get some fresh air and exercise!

Health and Well Being


  1. Take resting heart rate before you go out in snow, put your hand over your heart, how does it feel?
  2. Have a snowball fight with your friends, parents, carers. Use the over arm throwing technique focussing on, weight transfer, side on stance, leg push, hip turn, shoulder turn, fast arm leading with elbow; use the correct sequence to then finally finish towards target
  3. Check your heart rate after throwing 5 snowballs, 10 snowballs, 15 snowballs.
  4. Swap over with friends and now dodge snowballs that are being thrown by friends.
  5. What is heart rate after this activity?
  6. Build a snowman...check heart rate at end of this activity.
  7. Walk up a hill in the snow, what is heart rate at the top of hill?
  8. Roll downhill.
  9. Climb back up hill pulling an empty sledge behind you. What is heart rate at top?
  10. Slide downhill in sledge
  11. Pull sledge back up hill with someone / thing in it...what is heart rate at top?
  12. Jump in sledge to slide back down hill with friend.....make it go as fast as you can!


Try to leave some food out for the birds as they will need to be looked after too. Keep a record of the birds you see (sketch). Use the Internet to find out a little about the birds you have seen.