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Transition from Nursery to Primary 1

In the Summer Term the nursery staff plan to carry out a variety of activities and experiences to ease the transition of children from the nursery to Primary 1. We begin with visits to the Early Years Area to familiarise the children with the layout of the classroom and the shared working area. This is followed up with activities in the nursery.

There is also liaison between the nursery staff and the Primary 1 teacher to arrange informal visits. During nursery sessions, staff will take the children to meet their new teacher in the classroom setting. Later on the Primary 1 teacher will visit the children in the nursery setting.

Before the end of term nursery staff will meet with the Primary 1 teacher to pass on their knowledge of the children.

There is also a planned afternoon when parents, together with their children, are invited to visit the school. On this occasion the Headteacher will speak to parents whilst the children remain with the Primary 1 teacher and participate in activities.