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Partnership with Parents and the Wider Community

In Dunipace Nursery Class we recognise that many different people can contribute to the development of our young learners, none more so than parents and carers themselves.

How do we involve Parents with their child's learning 

  • Informal discussions with staff when dropping off/ collecting children
  • Storybags and Library Books on Loan from Nursery
  • Parental Questionnaires
  • Notice Board and Newsletters
  • Displays of Work and Photographs
  • Parent Volunteers to work regularly in Nursery/ to assist in taking forward new initiatives
  • Excursions/ Local Outings
  • Parents’ Days/ Open Days
  • Induction Meetings
  • Personal Learning Plans
  • Parent Workshops

Links with other agencies

We can also call on a wide range of support staff and professionals from fields other than Education to provide additional input for children, parents and staff.

  • Denny Integrated Learning Community (including Family Support Workers and Psychological Services)
  • Pre- 5 Support Staff
  • BATPUSS (team supporting Bilingual/ ESL/ Traveller Children)
  • Healthcare and Dental Professionals
  • Community Police Officer and Road Safety Officer