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Curriculum for Excellence - The Early Years Level

 How and What will your Child Learn?

The aim of the early years’ curriculum is to develop in children the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes that will allow them to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

In Scotland, as in many countries throughout the world, “active learning” is seen as the most enriching way for young children to develop vital knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to learning. Active learning is learning which engages and challenges children’s thinking using real and imaginary situations.

In our nursery class, children have the opportunity to learn about the world and people around them through spontaneous play and also through planned play experiences. Children learn by doing, thinking, investigating and exploring.

While staff plan learning experiences based on the outcomes and experiences outlined in the early level of Curriculum for Excellence, the children’s needs, interests and aptitudes very much influence how learning in the nursery class evolves. In this way, we ensure that the nursery environment is always stimulating and interesting for all our young learners.

Nursery staff will help your child to learn by observing them in a variety of situations, making sensitive interventions to promote and extend learning. Children also have opportunities to practise and apply new skills in the different areas of the nursery and enjoy fun activities which make them happy and relaxed.