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Early Years Learning Journey Profiles

In the nursery, each child has an Early Years Learning Journey Profile.

Each section of the profile contains observations of the children recorded by the nursery staff, photographs of the children participating in related activities and examples of children’s work. Some of the samples are chosen by the children themselves.

The profiles are located in the nursery. Parents and carers are welcome to browse through these at the beginning or end of a nursery session. The children are very proud of their profiles as they have significant input to them and will be very pleased to show them off to you!

These profiles are working documents and will remain in the nursery for as long as your child is with us. They will then be sent on to your child’s Primary 1 teacher for the first term at school. After the first term, the profiles will be sent home to you as a record of your child’s progress and achievements during their time in nursery.