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First Aid

A qualified First Aider will be on hand to deal with any accidents in the Nursery.

Any minor incidents will be reported to the parent/ carer when the child is collected. More serious incidents will be reported promptly to parents/ carers, or nominated emergency contacts should the former be unavailable.

Medicines and Inhalers

If your child is prescribed medication please try to give this at home. However, medicines which have to be taken strictly at prescribed times can be administered if required, but only if the parent/ carer has filled in the necessary permission form. This form, available from the school office, must be filled in if the children are to be given medicines or inhalers during sessions in the Nursery.

Infectious Ailments

Parents are requested to keep staff informed when their child is ill and is likely to be absent from Nursery. In the case of a child having an ailment which might be infectious, your child should remain off until they are clear of infection for 48 hours and do not return to Nursery until they are fully recovered.