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Arriving and Departing

Morning Session 8.30am - 11.40am

Afternoon session 12:20pm - 3.30pm


Parents and carers are welcome to come into the Nursery cloakroom/ entrance hall and playroom where a member of staff will mark your child present in the register. They will also collect any snack money/ correspondence you may wish to hand in and bring you up to date with events and happenings! Each child will have a labelled peg for their coat and a bag for their change of shoes.

Children will be welcomed into the playroom by a member of staff, find their printed name badge and attach it to their sweatshirt before heading off to begin their day’s work!

Parents and carers may wish to take some time to browse through the information on our notice board or look at children’s work/ photographs displayed in the entrance hall.

Important Points!

  • The cost of snack food will be £2 and should be paid to Nursery staff on the first day of the week.
  • Nursery staff must be informed in advance if anyone other than yourself or the usual nominated person is collecting your child.

At the end of the daily session, parents and carers are once again invited into the cloakroom and playroom areas to collect children and their belongings. This is an excellent time for an informal chat with staff about how your child’s day has gone!